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Monday, May 01, 2006

Another Q1 Review

I just read a review written by Gary Krakow at MSNBC and I like it. It's the typical "prototype review" where no benchmarks are posted. At the end of the review if found these words:

TabletKiosk.com is selling UMPCs made by a company named ‘eo’ which are selling for $899-999.

I just contacted the author letting him know that eo is how TabletKiosk named the UMPC made by AMtek, a Taiwanese company.

The part that I like it most is when he says:

The Q1 is perfect for watching TV if you have a SlingBox.

I have been thinking about to buy one of these SlingBoxes for a while. The reason why I have not bought it yet is because I do not find a way to justify paying 200 dollars for this device.

Source: Gottabemobile.com