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My Surface PRO 3 'Must Have' Accessories List

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


If you have a PCMCIA wireless modem and you want to use it with your UMPC them you should check this USB to PCMCIA adaptor that Alltp is selling for must 199 dollars.

This USB to PCMCIA Card Adapter/Reader is a new model developed in response to customer needs. Demand is very high. We are currently taking backorders for delivery in early June.

Take your 3G wireless internet access anywhere using this PCMCIA Card Reader. It allows the use of a wide number of high speed datacards via a USB port enabling these PC cards to be used with a tablet, UMPC or laptop without a PC slot.

Most PCMCIA wireless modem cards are compatible; check the list below to find out whether yours is included or contact us for advice. Please note that the unique hardware design of this unit has been developed especially for these types of wireless modems, so other card types are not supported. It does not support memory cards.

  • PC5220 - Cingular, Verizon

  • PC5740 - Verizon

  • Kyocera Wireless Passport KPC650 - Verizon

  • Novatel Wireless S620 - Sprint

  • Novatel Wireless V620 - Verizon

  • Novatel Wireless U730 - Cingular

  • Sierra Wireless Aircard 580 - Sprint

I just bought a Cingular 2125 (refurbished for only 99 dollars) preparing myself in case I need EDGE connectivity some day. Currently I have an unlimited GPRS plan for 24 dollars, and I don't use it that much so to pay almost 60 dollars per month for 3G connectivity is not something that I'm looking for at this moment. But if you think about it, I pay 30 dollars for my DSL and 24 Dollars for GPRS, that's 54 dollars. The major problem that I see right now is that I'm not the only one using Internet at home and if I cancel my DSL service I will have to leave a PC all the time on with this card to share Internet with my daughter and wife.

Source: GottaBeMobile.