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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Vulnerability in Word Could Allow Remote Code Execution

Microsoft is investigating new public reports of limited “zero-day” attacks using a vulnerability in Microsoft Word XP and Microsoft Word 2003. In order for this attack to be carried out, a user must first open a malicious Word document attached to an e-mail or otherwise provided to them by an attacker.

You can read the whole text here. The problem is that if you are a TabletPC owner or an UMPC owner for sure you have Outlook 2003 set to use Microsoft Word as your email editor because that gives you all the good features that Microsoft Word brings to "ink" users. If you read the above linked document you will find that a patch for this vulnerability is going to be released in June, 13th and that the workaround recommended by Microsoft is to disable in OutLook 2003 the use of Word as the default editor!

Come on Microsoft!