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Friday, May 12, 2006

Are you happy with your eo Battery Life?

It's a reallity that the Q1 is a lot faster and it has better battery life. The only point where the eo was supposed to be A LOT BETTER was the Battery life and we know now that its just 60% of what Q1 owners get with an Intel Celeron that runs all the time at 900 MHz while eo runs at 400 MHz when the CPU is not loaded. We have been talking about Battery Life since the Saturday, May 6th and almost a week after I have not received a single word from TabletKiosk saying anything about this issue. Is this the type of Post Sale Care that TabletKiosk brings to it's customers? Well, I have learned my lesson! Sorry guys but I CAN'T RECOMMEND THE eo TO ANYBODY, it's the slower UMPC in the market and the one with the shortest Battery Life. The Q1 is simple a lot better at this moment that I'm writing these lines. 1 HOUR AND 25 MINUTES is the worse Battery Life that I have seen since my first LapTop in 1994.

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And let me put it here clearly, THERE IS NOT WAY THAT THE EO COULD GET IN THESE CONDITIONS 2.5 HOURS OF BATTERY LIFE. And we all know how this is called in this FREE COUNTRY. I have said.