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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

What is going on with journalists?

If you have nothing to do and you want to waste some time reading something really bad then I have a link for you here. I have never read in my life an article so full of mistakes and ignorance. Just read this:
This one was a full production model by EO called TabletKiosk.

Jesus! Don't write about something that you don't know! eeeeeooooo is the name of that Origami Device about what you want to write. T a b l e t K i o s k is the name of the company!

Let's get right down to it, unless you need this product, you really don't want this product.

My guess is that when you buy something is because you need it. So what is your point here????

The specs of Origami are flat out stupid, but that won't stop MS from throwing money and resources at their latest next big thing.

So you are assuming here that a huge portion of the market that need a device under 2 pounds with no keyboard, CDROM, are stupids and you, of course, you are the only smart guy around! Ask yourself, why all eos are sold out, even with the bad press around the "Battery Life Issue"? Why all the Q1 are sold out? Well, it seems to me that Microsoft is not the only stupid around.

Now listen to this guy!

The reason I think Origami is dead in the water is cost and battery life. For $600, you can get a full-featured laptop at a local big box retailer. Sure, it is trash, won't last a year of real use, and has miserable battery life, but you get a bigger screen and more horsepower. For $1400, I bought a 3.5 pound HP Evo4010 with a 12" screen, 50% more battery life, and all the bells and whistles. I just don't see the middle ground being all that favorable a place to be.

First of all, you get less battery life but you get a small device with a weight of around two-pounds. I would say that the battery life that we are seeing in Origamis devices is what is "standard" in nowadays notebooks. I would not carry everywhere the HP evo4010 but I'm carrying everywhere my eo V7110. That's what the difference of just ONE-POUND means. Just try to find something under 3 pounds and you will find out how the prices go up really fast.

If Origami was half the thickness, 1/3 the weight, $400, and had a 6 hour battery life, I would tell everyone to run out and buy them. The TabletKiosk is by no means a bad machine, quite the opposite, it looks solid and capable, but Origami is just plain wrong as a concept.

This guy really has the Origami concept wrong. First of all, the goal is to have a machine in the price range around 500 to 700 dollars. Second of all, the goal is to have a machine with a weight of less than 2 pounds. And of course a battery life of at least 8 hours. What this person is missing here is that there is not any notebook, DVD player, GPS, or whatever device out there with a battery life of 8 hours, a screen size of 7" and a processor running at around 1GHz. Add to that HDD and Connectivity and you will have an equation where the only thing that will come out TODAY is what you see in the eo and the Q1. The Origami concept is not what you see Today, what you see Today is just the beginning of a new era of connectivity and mobility. I just think that Mr. Charlie Demerjian just was sleeping when the Origami concept was unveiled or he just did do the homework to write this article. Once again... you better don't write about what you don't know.