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Friday, May 19, 2006

Why users are returning eos?

I asked that question to one of the users that is returning his eo and here is what he said to me:
I like the ultramobile concept. I love the touchpack, the size, the weight, the button layout and the useablity of it as a result... the whole package. The rediculously short battery life-- currently, it is rediculous but even if a fix is found it ain't good-- is a huge problem for me. Add in the mic issue and a potentially great device is unusable for me. And I am not confident that a fix will come out that will make this actual physical device workable-- maybe in a later run of the EOs but not this first batch.

It makes me really sad because I love so much about it. The issues are just too numerous and limiting for me.

So it is going back.

Well, like I said to him, I DO believe that a fix is going to be found in one way or another even if they have to recall these units. After all, we bought them because of their advertised 2.5+ (big plus) hours of Battery Life, and now they are promising a fix. I know that's hard to trust in a company that has failed to delivered what they advertised but... Come on, hope is the last thing that we should lose.

In another hand, while some are returning these units other are willing to buy the returned units, check this link. I wonder what is going to be the price for these Open Box Units? Any words on this TabletKiosk?