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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Some of my thoughts about Microsoft work in the Origami Project

Somebody asked in Origami Project forum that if our expectations were met with these Origamis devices. Here is what I answered:

I'm disappointed with Microsoft because they released this whole concept when the the current OS is not fully supporting these devices. For example, the log on screen do not support the 800x480 resolution, so the distance between my stylus and the place in the screen that I'm trying to hit reach up to 5 mm on the edges of the screen.(I have found that this is a eo issue) But here is another example, those who had seen how the TIP works in a Tablet PC and how it works in a touch screen origami will notice that there is a lot of work to do to in the TIP.

I'm disappointed with battery life in general. 2.5 hours is really nothing when you are talking about mobility.

And later on I added:

Microsoft did not work hard enough to release this concept. Just think about it. What they have provided? The Touch Pack? A Game? Come on guys! I have not used launch program at all, with all due respect for Sear. I usually have my desktop organized in a way that in a same amount of clicks I can have whatever program I want opened. And it's less painful to configure than the Program Launcher. Are you telling me that they worked hard enough to integrate this Program Launcher to the OS? Come On! Every time you install a program you have to add it manually in that Launcher when in my desktop all I have to do is drag the icon to a pre-created folder to keep the short cuts categorized. The Touch Experience has been enhanced using a XP Theme. And another company made the DialKeys. So, please, do not tell me that I should be happy with Microsoft for what they have done. Do you think that Sony designed the latest "X whatever is the name" in one month after Microsoft released the Origami Concept? They have been working in these small devices for years. I agree that having Microsoft and Intel pushing this concept it the best thing that could have happened but sorry, I'm not pleased with Microsoft roll from the point of view of Software in this concept. Microsoft may be have done a great job pushing the concept from the point of view of hardware but from the point of view of software I do not see anything that have impressed me. May be they just thought that with Vista they will deliver what people like me are expecting. Ok, but Vista is 9 month away from now. I would be felt well if Microsoft instead a Touch Pack Experience would have released an Origami made by them. But if you take the Q1 and the eo and you compare to those prototypes that Otto held in his hands in his first interview about Origamis you will sure find out that there are few things in common. That tells me that these OEMs (AMTek, Samsung and Asus) were working in this concept may be since long time ago and using their own ideas of how these devices should be. Microsoft even did not mention the AMTek in their press releases neither in their web site until a few weeks after the Origami concept release. May be I'm wrong but it seems to me that this happened because they did not know about AMTek's T700. Of course, they were happy to see that somebody else was working in the same idea at the same time and they added the AMTek T700 to the Origami Group.

You are mentioning to me the eo Battery Issue. But this is not just an issue for TabletKiosk. It's well known that with the Service Pack 2, Microsoft introduced a new problem for Notebooks using USB2 devices. A new problem in the shape of a Battery Life Leak. This problem is consuming between 15 to 30% of the battery life of the eos. Yes, this issue is not present in Samsung's Q1. But keep in mind that Samsung has been dealing with this problem for a while and it's a big company with a lot of resources that neither AMTek nor TabletKiosk have. And the most important thing they had the support of Microsoft in this game from the beginning while AMTek and TabletKiosk, I'm afraid, that entered the game at the last moment.

But... This is my opinion... and as a Human Being, I'm probably wrong.

What do you think about it? You can post your comment here at my blog or using this link from Origami Project Forum.