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Friday, May 26, 2006

VIA blaming on AMTek

VIA is blaming on AMtek the bad results seen in eos and other devices of the same family made by this manufacturer. That's the message I got when I read the news in multiple sources and the original posted at PCW.
But Colin Brix, chipset platform group international marketing specialist, said although such devices would find strong markets in the future, the current generation needed better battery life, and to be slightly smaller, slimmer and more powerful.

'Some of the first models we are seeing are not at their optimum,' he said.'The technology is there, but for early devices they are really rushed.'
If the CEOs of TabletKiosk and AMTek make another UMPC with a VIA processor they should start looking for another job because unless they start to export eos/placeblade to Mars I don't see who is going to buy one. Unless... they find a fix for this generation of origamis based on VIA.