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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Update: About the Recall

Just called TabletKiosk a few minutes ago to get my RMA number. The parts have not arrived yet to TabletKiosk, that means that if I send my unit today probably I wont get it back until next Monday and the eo is going to sit there useless for a day or two. Knowing that I was advised to send them the eo next Monday something that I had in mind already because I was almost sure than in a short week like this probably they would not have enough time to fix it and send it back in the same week. They are getting the same amount of parts than the amount of eos that they have sold so do not worry about that everybody is going to get the eo fixed. The return address, in case you don't have it is:

386 Beech Ave, Suite 6, Torrance, CA 90501

Be sure you get a RMA from them before you send your unit. TabletKiosk's phone is 1-310-782-1201