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Monday, May 29, 2006

CarryPad review PlaceBlade P7

CarryPad has just posted a nice and very complete review of the PlaceBlade P7 also known here in USA as the eo V7110. Steve is just a master highlighting features and disappointments of this Origami:

Microsoft are marketing their UMPC platform to the masses. At the moment, this is not going to happen. Prices, style and performance will need to be changed to achieve that. The Paceblade Easybook P7 does, however, have a place slightly outside Microsoft's target market.

Its not a stylish device and its nothing new in terms of hardware or software but its short learning curve and fantastic mobility makes it really usable in a lot of scenarios. The Easybook P7 seems well built and the switch-gear is solid and very well placed. The ergonomics of the device are good. Battery life needs to be addressed and for a lot of people, the lack of keyboard may cause problems. Processing power is adequate for most tasks apart from 3D games and very high bit-rate videos. Connectivity options on board are good but a docking station is needed for VGA and other cabled connectivity. The additional on-screen software from Paceblade is a good addition and work well in certain scenarios.

The full text of this review can be found here.