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Monday, May 22, 2006

eo: About the MIC issue and the Audio Driver Update

It's good to see that TabletKiosk in UK is releasing this audio driver update under the status of BETA. And the reason why I'm saying this is because the driver still very buggy. After the installation of the driver the MIC works in applications like Spyke or Sound Recorder but it fails to work correctly in Microsoft Recognition. One of the things that I found is that the OS control when you click in the Tray Speaker Icon does not control the MIC at all, you can disable the MIC using that control but you can not enable it back or change the level of the MIC or anything like that. To control the MIC you have to open the VIA Audio Control using the Tray icon or you have to go and open the Sound and Effect applet in the Control Panel. When you try to configure the MIC using the Recognition Wizard from Microsoft it just wont let you. Another problem that I found is a noise like a "crack" at the beginning of any sound, like the alarm sound and in some movies at the beginning of each words when the sound reach a high level. It seems to me like the portion of the driver that has to deal with sounds is not properly configured as it was the previous driver where I did not find any problems relative with sound.

It's good to see that TabletKiosk is working in this driver and it was good to release this beta because many of us were afraid that the MIC issue was a hardware problem and now we know that it was just a driver no properly configured. But still a lot of work to do in this driver.

One interesting point is that if you run Microsoft Update one of the hardware drivers available is the sound driver. Unfortunately, after the update I still have the problems described by me here.

Once again, this release is better than nothing but still just a BETA.