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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Q1 vs eo

Here is what an ex-owner of an eo has to say about these two devices: the Samsung Q1 and the eo V7110.

All in all the Q1 would kick the eo's butt if it weren't for the screen that is too sensitive. The better battery life, CF slot, VGA out, much better wireless reception, integrated mic array, better sound quality (headphone jack and speakers), integrated stands, and ethernet port still push it past the eo. Some may miss the point stick and the "joystick" does seem almost redundant. Samsung should just switch it out for a point stick. Then there are a lot of other small reasons why the Q1 is worth the extra $100, such as the included restore CDs, AV Now, USB transfer cable.

What you have read is the summary; lets post here a few other fragments like these:

Big plus (over the eo): The wireless reception is MUCH stronger. It is on par with my work laptop. I can receive our public signal in my little corner of the office.
The screen has a "softer" feeling physically (more spongy) than the eo.
Screen calibration is correct on the login screen (a password is required by default)

The above is something that TabletKiosk also needs to work with. Having the Login Screen out of calibration looks very unprofessional.

Doesn't seem to remember my resolution changes from the rez-change button (after reboot).
Rez-change seems a little slower than on the eo, not much.

From reading the above comment about the speed changing the resolution and other comments about games that work in the eo but do not work in the Q1 I have the feeling that the VIA video chip is a little bit better than the Intel installed in the Q1.
The screen is too sensitive. You can't write properly with your hand resting on the screen or you'll get "streaking". I didn't have this once with the eo. Time to learn to rest my hand on the edges of the machine...

The display sensitivity is one of the complains that I find in most of the Q1 owners, so it seems to me that TabletKiosk did good switching to 120g displays.

Why isn't TIP enabled and why does it require a hack download to get working? Isn't this a part of TabletPC? I think this actually has something to do with the drivers for the touch screen.
TabletPC Experience pack wasn't preinstalled.

The experience pack was preinstalled in the eo.

I don't want to enter in the debate of what Origami is better because there is not a real and definitive answer for this kind of question. What is good for you could be the worse thing for me. Without any doubt IF TabletKiosk would have done a better job testing these devices we would not have this recall and if we would not have this recall the eo would be in a lot better position to compete with the Q1. In another hand, we can't blame on TabletKiosk alone. AMTek did a very poor job configuring these devices, from my experience with the eo, the drivers installed in this device look like generic kind of drivers that have not been customized at all for the specifics of the eo. The Q1 as you can see from some of the above comments is not free of problems; they just are less critical than the one that were found in the eo. A second batch of eo will have a better battery life and some of the issues like the MIC not working wont be there anymore. That second batch will be in a better condition to compete with the Q1. The question now is how TabletKiosk is going to recover the trust from buyers. The 25% discount for owners of the first batch was a nice move. Lower prices than the one offered by Samsung in the Extended battery and other accessories is a second step that I would like to see from them. And finally, other accessories like the plastic stand, screen protectors, cases, really portable keyboards like the one from Stowaway, those are things that could attract back that portion of the market that turned the head toward the solid reputation of Samsung in front of the failures found in the first batch of eos.

Where I'm from people say, "A Man is not measured by how many times he falls but by how many times he stands from his falls." I won't say that I'm inclined to buy anything else from TabletKiosk at this moment because I'm not (except eo accessories), but I could change my mind easily if they have a good "after purchase services" and I have to admit that they are working hard trying to gain my confidence and the market confidence back. Time will say the last word.