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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Amtek board has been changed

Somebody has opened one of the just released AMTek T700 device and compared the board with pictures of the eo V7110 prototype sent to FCC for testing.

No doubt about it, the board has been changed as it can be seen in the above picture. At this moment we don't know yet if the actual board in the V7110 released to the public is the same than the one sent to FCC or the one released by AMTek but it wont be late before somebody with an actual V7110 open it to find out the true. As we reported before, the AMTek device has a better battery life than the one released by TabletKiosk. Another difference is that in the TabletKiosk device the Mic Jack is not working (I still checking this point) while in the AMTek unit the Mic works perfectly.

If you are an owner of the eo V7110 better keep an eye open toward this news because if we can prove that the board is different and that due to these changes these units are not performing properly, it seems to me that TabletKiosk will have to recall our batch unless they have a software fix, something that some experts think that is very improbable.

Source: Origami Portal.