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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Should I return my eo?

If you are asking yourself this question I would recommend you to read this nice article written by Jeffrey Graebner at his blog. He summarize magnifically the Battery life controversy in eos devices.
I would probably seriously consider returning my eo if there were another UMPC on the market that met my needs as well, while giving a better battery life. Right now, that just isn’t the case. The Samsung Q1 may do better in the battery life, but it falls short of my needs in the area of storage space. I also don’t like the user interface nearly as well. Sony’s just announced UX-series UMPCs also look nice, but they are too small, too expensive, and also fall short in the storage capacity.

At least for now, it looks to me like it is basically a choice between the eo and no UMPC at all. Barring any changes in circumstances in the next couple weeks, I’m pretty sure I’ll stay with the eo
That's my same position. the eo has serious issues that need to be fixed, but so far, it's the best UMPC in the market for my needs. BTW, Jeffrey, I'm blogging this from my bed with my eo!