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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Another Q1 Review from one of Microsoft Contest Winner

Mark Polino was one of the winners of Microsoft Origami contest. Here is what he said about his Q1.

  • The WiFi isn't as powerful as my Dell 700m. At the edge of the signal strength, the Dell held the signal better than the Q1.

  • Domain logins are tough. This is an issue for any slate table. The Samsung has a CTL-ALT-DEL button but its a recessed dot that requires the stylus to push.

I selected these two points because I just read a review saying that the WiFi range was very good, that's the first point, and the second point because I can not repeat one more time that I love my eo because its buttons. The CTL+ALT+DEL button of the eo is just perfect and it's located in the perfect place.

I was asked what would be my dream origami, and my answer was one with: the eo buttons, the eo flexible hardware configuration when you are purchasing it, the eo Mouse, the eo 120g digitizer, the Q1 mics and speakers and the ASUS integrated GPS. I can live without the VGA output wich can be added later on with one of those USB to VGA adaptors and I can live without a CF Card slot and I can live without an integrated Ethernet because I want this dream machine to be a really mobile device. None of the current Origamis in the market has the Battery Life that would like to see that is around 4 hours with the normal integrated battery and around 8 hours with an extended integrated battery. And for the end I would add Microsoft price range betwen 500 to 700 dollars.

And please, do not mention me VIA processor. My dream machine will have something else, an AMD perhaps. VIA processor is not bad but they have not matured yet. TabletKiosk, are you taking note?