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Friday, May 19, 2006

Users returning eos

Wow, I think that TabletKiosk is about to get back all the units sold in the first batch. Really bad news. (link1, link2)

and link3. I think that is time that TabletKiosk uses a little more Gail, Marketing Manager, to tell the rest of us why we should keep our units. But please, do not come back with the eo specifications telling us how good these devices are. If there are people returning them back is because what we got does not match those specifications, do not you think? What about a 50% OFF in the price of the extended battery for those who do not return these babies? What is that 50 dollars? 80 dollars? That's nothing for TabletKiosk comparing that to what is going to cost them if we all send these units for a refund. That's nothing compare to how much I has paid in aspirins to calm down the headaches I get when I think about the so called "eo Battery Life Issue".


  • Is not time to send your engineers and AMTEK's ENGINEERS to Korea to learn from Samsung how to write proper drivers????

  • Did not your prototype testers tell you about all these issues?

  • Are you guys waiting until the ONE MONTH PERIOD OF FULL REFUND is over to see what you are going to do with us, the last Mohicans?

Come on guys, you were very active during the prelaunch events and now you virtually have disappeared in your caves?

You have not resolved yet even the simplest issue: The MIC issue. The ONE MONTH RETURN FOR REFUND offer held users for one week or week and a half, but it's not holding anymore. You have to act fast, believe me. And when I say "believe me" think about the hidden sense behind these words.

I wonder for how long Loren is going to keep her eo because the beautiful smile that you can observe in this picture did not last too long.