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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Come on TabletKiosk, what is going on?

Here is second machine tested in Europe that have a decent battery life!

Finally I sat down and started some battery tests. And this is where the suprise came in. The Easybook P7 doesn't seem to suffer from the same battery problems as the Eo. 2 hours seems to be no problem for the Easybook P7. 3 hours low-screen useage (wifi off) seems highly possible which makes the Easybook a pretty good contender now against the Q1. The VIA chipset can process MPEG-2 in hardware which means you could potentially stream an MPEG-2 film over wifi (try VLC software for that) and get well over 2 hours. Thay will also apply for DVB-T which is streamed in MPEG-2.

Yesterday we did an external comparisson of the battery labels and it seems to us that the eo and the P7 use the same battery. I'll try to spend a little more time today with Steve to see what else we can find.