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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

There are other serious bugs in AMTek devices

I really sorry about all these but there are other problems with the devices sold by TabletKiosk and made by AMTek. I'm mentioning AMTek because after all TabletKiosk is just a seller of these devices.

  • some users are complaining about very bad WiFi range. I have not experience this issue but I have seen other complaining about it. Would be good to establish a record of what kind of AP they are accessing because from my experience with PocketPCs and WiFi there are some AP that do not work too well with some WiFi integrated cards.

  • The MIC is not working in many devices, in fact, I have not found yet somebody reporting a MIC working. The only person that has reported the MIC working is the one that owns the latest released AMTek device. TabletKiosk units have this problem.

I'll contact TabletKiosk today about the MIC issue to see what they have to say about it.