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Saturday, May 27, 2006

The recall is good but...

The eo recall confirms something that many of us suspected; the eo had hardware problems beside the software problems that we found (C3 state issue). The C3 state issue if it's fixed could gives around 15% of more battery life. Now, if you take 85 mins + 15% that gives you 97 mins a number that's not close to 120 mins. or the 130 mins that the European units are reporting. So that was a clear indication for us that there we had something else, a hardware problem. Now TabletKiosk is fixing the hardware issue but what about the C3 state? I have not seen in any place that TabletKiosk has admitted that beside the hardware problem there is a software issue that needs to be fixed. If both issues are fixed this unit could reach about 2.5 hours (150 mins) browsing the web and more if the WiFi is turn off... 2.5, does this number rings your bell?

But as customer I feel the need to warn others of what could happen after this recall or as result of this recall. First of all, probably we are not going to see any other device coming from TabletKiosk made by Amtek something that is a wise move, I agree. But, if this happens I'm afraid that we, current owners of this first Batch, are not going to see any C3 issue fixed unless European and Japanese owners of Amtek T700 put some pressure on Amtek and VIA. In my case, I'll keep mentioning the C3 State issue in whatever place online and off-line I'm asked about these devices. We can't let them to forget about it.

If you are a webmaster or a blog owner and you are reading these lines, please, do us a favor and mention the above facts in your site. A hardware issue will be fixed this time but still a software problem to be addressed by TabletKiosk.