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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Review: Boxwave P1610 Screen Protector

As some of you already know a recently bought a Fujitsu P1610. And I'm not different than anyone of you, once I got it I went looking around for accessories. My first stop was Boxwave  (Affiliated Link), the reason: a good screen protector.


My relationship with screen protectors is a love-hate type. I hate it because it takes me long time to install one and I always get some dust under it. I love it because it keeps my screen as new. And this is a very important thing when you are selling your machine to buy your next one. Why Boxwave? Because I have been using their screen protectors for the last 4 years or more and their are one of the best I ever have used or tested.


I have been using in my Q1 the Boxwave Antiglare but this time I went for the ClearTouch Crystal one. The P1610 has a very bright screen and I wanted to preserve it in this way and the crystal version has a 99% transparency preserving the color brilliance.

The installation of this protector is a very easy process if you follow the instructions printed in the back of package.


Another good point is that this protector is washable, this increase the life of this product.



Screen Protectors are one of those accessories that are simply "Must Have". A Tablet PC is not cheap and anything you can do to protect it you will get it back in one way or another when you decide to sell it to buy your next gadget. Boxwave has many years of experience making protectors and my experience with them has always been good. As a known freelancer I have the chance to test any of the protectors in the market, but the one I'm using right now protecting the screen of my P1610 while I'm writing this review is the Cleartouch Crystal from Boxwave.