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Friday, May 02, 2008

My P1610 goes back to Fujitsu

After of fighting for more than 16 consecutive hours trying to install Vista Ultimate on it without any luck, I finally got Vista Business Installed. To make the story short, I started around 6 PM installing Business, all needed patches, SP1, Office 2007, and moved all my settings from my Q1 to my P1610. The whole process ended about 2 AM. I went to bed to sleep about 4 hours. At 6 AM I was up trying to turn on the unit and guess what. The Power Button was going from the pretty blue into an ugly red and nothing more. Nothing in the screen, no beeps or LEDs blinking.

I called Fujitsu Tech Support and they gave me a RMA number to send the unit back for repair.

So what I learned from the whole process: Vista Ultimate is the best diagnostic tool that you can find in the market. It was right the whole time, there was something wrong with that unit.