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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Universal Lithium Battery Pack

A few day ago I ordered the NBMate-118, a battery bank with an output of 16 and 19 volts (4.5A max) and 118 Wh.

The TabletKiosk eo V7110 uses a 19 volts/3.42A, so selecting the 19 volt option in the switch located in the bottom side of the Battery bank is all that's needed to have it ready to be connected to your eo.

This bank comes with a plastic bag with different sizes and types of tips. Once you select the right type and size it's easy to connect the tip to the cord coming from the bank matching the "+" sign in the tip with the same sign in the cord. The cord between the bank and the eo is very short and I ended getting from RadioShack an extension cord for it. I could not find one male-female so I had to build one cutting one end of the female-female cable and welding in one end a male tip that I bought from the same store.

This battery bank is a little bit smaller than the eo and weights about the same. If you carry both in your bag practically you will have the feeling of having with you a full size laptop from the point of view of weight.

Now, how long this battery bank last? I have not enough time to run a lot of tests but with the display at 100% and browsing the web I reached the last Friday more than 5 hours, no counting the eo battery. So between the two batteries probably I could browse the web for more than 6 hours.

Another point that I liked of this battery pack is that you can connect your eo to it and have it charging at the same time.

Conclusion: Even if you are planing to buy the eo extended battery that should be released soon, I would recommend to buy one of this too. Between this battery bank and the extended battery you could reach easily 8 hours or more without having to connect the unit to a power outlet.