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Thursday, May 18, 2006

About John Tokash's conversation

Yesterday I posted about a conversation between the Blogger John Tokash and Martin Smekal, CEO of TabletKiosk. After re reading the news today I thought that I should add a few comments in the hope that Martin reads them.

3. They are working on a driver fix for the microphone. It’s not a hardware issue. They are getting close to a fix.

JKK reported that his machine does not suffer from the mic issue. He can't use the MIC in the voice recognition but at least he can record using it. So it seems to me that at least in his machine, either AMtek used a different driver or it uses the same driver but it was configured different.

4. They have not identified a specific component (to Martins knowledge) that is drawing a lot more power than it should.

USB components. We have proved that USB components are not letting the processor to reach the C3 Power Stage. This is a well known and documented by Microsoft Issue. There could be other reasons for this poor battery life but that is one of the problems that these machines have.

It seems to me that either they are not reading and using our findings at all or the engineering team working in these issues don't have a clue about what to do and how to fix these issues. I really believe that if they enter into a more close interaction with users probably together we could find faster a solution. I do not know anything about drivers but I'm willing to test what ever they have and report back ASAP my findings. But that's just me. We have other members of this community that may be of some good use to them.

Update: Yesterday Microsoft released a patch to fix the battery power drain in portable devices caused by USB 2 devices. The patch does not fix eos issue and after reading Microsoft's comments it seems to me that probably only Microsoft in conjunction with VIA can find a solution to this issue.