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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Yes, I have my reasons to be pleased

GottabeMobile has posted about my comments regarding my recalled unit and I thought that I should have posted a deeper explanation of why I'm pleased at this moment.
Yeap, you may have noticed that since I started to investigate the battery issue and running my tests I stopped practically to link TabletKiosk and did not do anything to encourage people to buy these eos. I just did not feel that they had the quality needed to be recommended no just by me but by anybody working as an IT Professional.

But things have changed. At this moment the eo works at 85% of it potential taking in consideration that the C3 State could report 15% more of Battery Life. But in another hand, the C3 State is an issue that many many NoteBooks and Tablet PCs currently being used have and owner do not know about it. So taking in consideration this fact I can go ahead and recommend the eo.

The eo probably is not as powerful as the Q1 from the point of view of processor but I have been working in my eo in things that many thought impossible like developing in Visual Studio 2005. It's hard to compare VIA Processor with any Intel Processor or any other device using Intel and other video chips available in the market. VIA video chip is not supported by almost any program available in the market. And for this reason almost all the Benchmarks program fail to report good scores when testing the video capabilities of these chips. If you add to that that the processor by itself is not more powerful than the Intel version you will get a total score that does not represent the reality.

I have been comparing the reports of programs tested in Samsung Q1 and how they perform and I can conclude that both, the eo and the Q1 have the same capabilities. The Q1 will be the choice of anyone willing to use the device heavily playing videos. The eo will not perform that good in this task and need some tweaking to get it play movies with high bibrate and at the same time save battery life by not letting the processor to run all the time at full speed.

The battery life of the eo is less than what we see in a Q1 but the battery is also 10% smaller and these is the difference that we see at this moment. If we could get the C3 State working in an eo both, the Q1 and the eo will have the same battery life, that means only one thing: VIA processor is the way to go if you want better battery life. But unfortunately thanks to a poor job of AMTek and VIA we don't have C3 State.

I guess that all the above explain my current position. No, I have not fell in love with this eo, I just want to be fair. Will I buy another device running on VIA? No, unless I can read reports/reviews that show a processor using fully it power saving capacity. But do not take this last sentence in the wrong way; current eos work perfectly. It's just me that can't live knowing that there is processor inside that is not been used fully because of the ineptitude of some people. A processor that even with this problem is capable of having a battery life as good as an Intel Celeron processor running perfectly and using most of the time the C3 State. This tell you what a good choice the VIA processor could have been.

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