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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Update about the Chase & Company Screen Protector

Do you remember that I mentioned yesterday that I was testing this screen protector? I also mentioned that this protector was around 2 mm shorter in the horizontal than the eo screen. Well, the gap left between the protector and the eo case that is about 1 mm in each side makes the use of this protector very annoying and more in the right size where the scroll bars of almost all programs are located. My stylus keeps falling into that gap all the time. I'll try to contact this company reporting the case to see what they can do about it.

Update: I just contacted Chase & Company, and they replied very quick that:
Sorry to hear about your complaint, but that gap exists to permit easy
removal for cleaning.

Well, in my 5 years using screen protectors this is the first time that I hear such thing and that I have seen such big gap (2 mm).
The above picture posted by Kevin in JKonTheRun shows clear the gap. I hope that this company learn from their mistake because this little issue almost make the protector unusable. Just imagin the gap taking almost 30% of your scroll bar on the right size of the screen. I'll keep looking for other cheap solutions.

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