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My Surface PRO 3 'Must Have' Accessories List

Thursday, June 29, 2006

New UMPC coming from TabletKiosk

According to this article from Ultranauts.com, TabletKiosk has confirmed the rumor about them releasing a new UMPC sometime this Summer. That's all the information they released at this time. I'm sure that out there are people that know a little bit more about this "secret project" but either they are under NDA or they have given their word about not to release more details until after the Official Announcement from TabletKiosk. Anyway... I thought that would be good to let TabletKiosk know what we are expecting to see in a new UMPC coming from them:
  1. Synaptic Pointing Device - This is a feature in current eos that helps a lot and it has a huge popularity within eo owners and even Q1 owners.
  2. Button Layout - The buttons layout and functionality currently found in the eo is perfect.
  3. Control-Alt-Delete Button - This is another point currently present in eo V7110 that is really good.
  4. Better Battery Life - Lets be realistic in this point. I do not expect to see 5 hours in these devices yet. But I think that a battery life between 2.5 and 3 hours is something that can be achieved this year.
  5. C3 State - You can not get the previous point if you do not have a device running in C3 State. I hope that the next UMPC coming from TabletKiosk will be configured properly.
  6. Better MIC - Current MIC installed in eos and the current drivers do not allow you to use Microsoft Voice Recognition. For those writing long documents this is a must have feature.
  7. At least one memory card slot - A memory card slot for CF or SD will be a plus opening the opportunity of using GPS and other accessories.
  8. Recovery CD/DVD and Companion CD with software needs to be present in the box.
  9. Better Heat dissipation.
  10. The inclusion of a better case- That yellow bag included with eos really sucks. The case does not have to be anything special. A CD case did a good job when it was modified by Steve at carrypad.com

If TabletKiosk is thinking about giving a new chance to VIA, them I would recommend:

To get from VIA a Video Player designed by them capable of using the VIA video chip capability. If they do not want to design a whole video player them at least they should give TabletKiosk a filter properly configured to be used with other video players such as Windows Media Player or Zoom Player. Using VIA Video technology in a device and no having any software capable of using the advantages that brings video decodification by hardware and hardware acceleration is a shame and will end damaging VIA and TabletKiosk reputiation. I think that this new device, if it use VIA needs to be released including VIA software capable of using this processor features. If VIA want to gain the market they have to work harder and no wait for developers to start working for these processors. At this moment they do not represent a percentage of the market big enough to make any developer to put huge amount of time and resources to develop for these processors and they have to understand that. StrongBox needs to be included by default or at least included in the Companion CD.

Ah, and I forgot to mention one very important point... PRICE! We are waiting to see prices within the 500 - 800 range promised by Microsoft!

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  1. I would also ask for a vga port to use this device for presentations. Indeed I must say I much prefer the EO than the Q1, although this is absolutely personal.


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