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Saturday, June 03, 2006

No software out there customized to use VIA

CarryPad/Steve as made public his conclusions about what Multimedia Player is currently using the Mpeg-2 decoder of VIA N800 video chip. The reality is BAD! There is not any program out there optimized to use VIA graphic chip.

Steve has been known for being a defender of VIA processors and today in a private conversation he told me that with all these results it's impossible to recommend VIA processors to anybody. And I have to agree with him. So far there are two companies (no counting Toshiba) that have demonstrated to me the highest level of un-professionalism: AMTek and VIA.

It's hard for me to say this being an owner of an eo, a device very close to what I needed in an origami and at the same time so badly configured. The recall will take care of the bad Job of AMtek and probably will we see all these driver problems fixed in the future, who knows? But until that moment I'm afraid that I'll not recommend these units to anyone. will I keep my eo? Sure! I like the exterior design of this device and I like the challenge of looking for fixes and workarounds! And don't get me wrong, eos are not bad machines, they are just not being prepared properly. The AMtek T700 is just a product that has been rushed to the market not being ready and the same applies to VIA C7 processor and the N800 graphic chip.

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