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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Some more tests on eos

I have been informed today about some tests done on eos. I do not know if I should post who ran the tests and modifications but I do got the permission to published the results.

  • Windows XP SP 1 has been installed in an eo and even disabling all USB adaptors the device did not enter in C3 state so it's clear now that this issue is not a SP2 issue.

  • A CF hard drive was installed in an eo, The power comsumsion went down in 2 watts and all heat issues disappeared even when the device is connected to power.

Two watt less is around 15% more of battery life. So now we know for sure how much from the point of view of battery life this change represent. About the heat reduction it is dear that CF run cooler but I could not have associated the heat issues in the eo with the HDD.