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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Something positive at last!!

From my last comment at my site We could see that if we use a program that encrypt and decrypt using the processor power, Intel processor out performs VIA processor in about 2 times. This result is consistent with other benchmark results. But what about using a program specially designed for and by VIA? So that was my next test. Steve also was mentioning in his blog a program from VIA called Strongbox. This program does the same than TrueCrypt. To test it I prepared two Volumes one with VIA's tool and another with TrueCrypt. Then I copied a 100 MB file in both volumes. The speed in VIA's volume was about 13000 KB/s and in TrueCrypt about 7000 KB/s. The processor during the test using VIA's tool was stepping from 600MHz to 1000MHz while using TrueCrypt it was running the whole time at 1000MHz. As you can see, this result is about two times faster, in another words, with a VIA processor we can see an equivalent performance encrypting and decrypting than in an Intel processor if we use a tool specially designed for VIA.

It's so frustrated to see all this potential in a processor not being used!
  • We have mpeg-2 decoding capability by hardware that is not used by any program yet.

  • We have a better power management that's not used due to C3 state issue

  • And we have encryption/decryption capability included in the processor that's only used by few programs designed by VIA

Well, we will have to work harder looking for tools that use the hidden potentials of this processor.