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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

eo Recall: Day THREE

My eo in here in FEDEX Fort Lauderdale, Florida. So this afternoon I should have it in my hands again. 3 days is not bad at all, well, if you do not take in consideration that any recall is bad. But at the end I'm happy with how everything is ending. We can draw a line and start over again with our eos fixed, and no just fixed but replaced for new ones, because they are just taking from ours the HDD, the memory if it was upgraded previously and the back cover of the case because it has Microsoft Stickers in there.

And we are receiving also the plastic stand and the recover DVD plus a gift (T-Shirt). So basically, we can imagine that we had a prototype unit in our hands to test it and review it and now we are getting the real deal.

Still the C3 state issue to be fixed but this is something that it is no only a TabletKiosk eo issue. Many Notebooks out there suffer from the same issue and so far have not been fixed by OEMs. And if you want name here you have. HP has not been able to fix these issues in the nx9000 series. I know that because I own one and so far nothing has been released to fix this issue. And the worse thing is that nobody care about it and probably never will be fixed because owners are not putting any pressure to get it fixed. Off course, notebooks of that size are commonly used connected to power. In our case we have a unit that was designed thinking about mobility and in this case battery life is priority one. To get the C3 State issue fixed, AMTek and VIA have to work together very hard and probably right now this issue is not their priority one. I personally do not trust in AMTek any more after that I have seen. About VIA, I have my strong reservation at this moment. In my opinion they had to play a better role in the AMTek T700 release supervising that these units hit the market with VIA processors properly configured and with a good support of drivers and software capable of using the processor potential. They should have shipped these units with a companion CD with this kind of software like the StrongBox from VIA, that allow the creation of encrypted partition within your current HDD partitions. The fact that we had to spend weeks looking and testing to find what software to use to untie this processor capabilities have damaged a lot VIA's reputation. We, customers, have suffered a lot but these 3 companies, AMTek, VIA and TabletKiosk have seen their reputation diminished by these mistakes.

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