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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Whatever I do not understand is bad

Whatever I do not understand is bad. That's exactly the message I perceived when I read this fragment of Charlie's White article at Guizmodo:
Overall, the Samsung Q1 is a second-rate first outing for the UMPC platform that’s not worth $500, much less the $1100 street price. You’d be much better off buying one of the many multimedia players available on the market, and with the money left over, getting yourself a low-end notebook PC. Thumbs down, way down.

I thought that I have read everything that could have been said about Origamis. But I was wrong. Well Mr Charlie White, I feel so bad for you. Do you know how many people are virtually dying for having one of those Q1 in their hands?
And you... You had it and you could not see the beauty of this just born baby. Again, I'm very sorry for you.

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