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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A better extended battery for Q1

According to Manfred, Marketing Manager at UNIFIRM, they will release soon to the market an extended battery that is 3 times more powerful than the battery sold by Samsung. UNIFIRM is currently working with TabletKiosk to make such battery for eos too but the Q1 will be released sooner because they have already in their hand a Q1 to work with. Having different options of batteries to choose is something very good for Q1 Owners and for the same Samsung because this makes their UMPC more appealing for users that travel a lot.


  1. How soon is soon? Is it a month away or 6 months away?

    I hope it's only a month away.

  2. I'll ask them but for what I can see soon is going to be within a month or month 1/2.

  3. Cool, let us know because Samsung is releasing their battery in July.

  4. Hello, Cititabic...

    I have news from TabletKiosk this morning. Very bad news...

    ..."Hello ..., We are as well very anxious to receive these batteries - but we have not yet received confirmation of shipment from our manufacturing partner for these batteries. You want a black battery? You have received a white unit. Our initial shipment of batteries is scheduled to be white units only…"....

  5. Sorry, Cititanic... : I was mistaken in subject and heading!!


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