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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sofa-Browsing at last a reality

Microsoft has put the concept of Sofa-Browsing has a viable and comfortable thing to do. And I say this because before Origamis, Sofa-Browsing was possible but far from comfortable. This weekend I forgot at work my memory stick with the source of the project Im working and that I was planning to release today. I took that as a clear sign that God was sending me: Frank, take a rest. So I did that.

Being Fathers day everybody was pleasing me and all I did these two days was watch the 3 game per day of the FIFA World Cup and Sofa-Browsing with my eo. The Origami has proved to me to be the perfect companion for a guy like me. For example, once in a while I have a customer with problems in the registration of one of my programs where I use a dll from a 3er company that has been unable to find a fix for this problem that happens due to a bug in Microsoft OS for Pocket PCs. In these cases I have to customize a little program with the needed info to force the registration of the program in that specific machine/customer where the problem happened. All this requires to turn on my main PC, change the code of a little tool and compile it. Now, I can do all that from my sofa. This happened today and it only interrupted my rest for a few minutes! I received the email from my customer telling me about the problem, I opened Visual Studio, changed the code as needed, compiled, zipped the exe and sent an email back to that person with the solution attached.

I could not do this with my old Jornada 720 and I never could have done this with any of the PPC that I own or have owned before. Yes, I could have done this from my laptop but having that 7 pounds monster on top of me in my sofa is not the picture of resting that I have; and off course, my sexy 2 pounds eo really get close to that ideal. And probably this is the point that some of those "specialists" writing for "specialized" magazines have failed to see in these devices: they are just that, perfect companions.

I felt that I had to share this moment with you guys, here, from my sofa, from my eo and without any keyboard attached.