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Monday, June 12, 2006

Mobits 'X15' UMPC

My friend Steve at CarryPad has posted some news and even a picture of an new UMPC running on VIA. He was sharing with me his optimism and open mind about VIA new features incorporated in this new UMPC and I just told him one thing: for what is good a processor if you can't find software that could use its potential?

I hope that VIA have learned from their latest adventure enough to bring into the market a really competitive product because it's pity to see a processor like the C7-M being only half used.
The UMPC's are both VIA-C7-M based devices with the new VIA CX700 integrated north/southbridge chipset with hardware MPEG-4 and WMV-9 decoding support. (not just mpeg-2 as in the eo and Easybook UMPC's.)

BTW, I wonder if the rumors that I have read about new UMPCs coming from TabletKiosk have something to do with these Origamis?