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Monday, June 19, 2006

Teaser campaign by Microsoft might have backfired

I keep saying that this round ended bad for Microsoft. The reason is clear; they failed to delivered what they pictured in the UMPC concept. These devices still bulky, have a high price, heat issues and very low battery life. But In another hand I also see that if they have not pushed this first generation to the market we would not see coming generations closer to how an Origami should be. Like David Steel, vice president of marketing for Samsung's digital media business, said in a briefing with reporters at the company's headquarters in Suwon, south of Seoul: "It was always going to be a first test for us"

ITworld also reports that according to Steel:
Consumers who have encountered the Q1 with no prior knowledge are generally positive about the device while those who read a lot about the Origami platform prior to seeing the Q1 have been more negative

And I'm totaly agree with him, as a consumer I can say that I was expecting something better in all senses. This first generation has been a big school for all of us, OEMs and buyers. OEMs have learned about what the market wants and how capable they are to bring that to reallity. As consumers we have learned what is possible at this point from the point of view of hardware and what hardware makers are doing to make the ORIGAMI dream become a reality.

Source: GotaBeMobile.