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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

eo Recall: I HAVE MY EO BACK

Yes, I just received a few minutes ago. First impressions:

  • The unit has been replaced completely in my case. I had a little noise coming from the CPU fan in my old unit and I reported this when I sent it. Probably they thought that replacing the back cover was going to be the best solution in my case.

  • The Battery is new too.

  • I turn it on, I'm at work so I could not spend too much time testing anything but NHC reports a battery level of 67% - 1 hour and 20 minutes (that was the battery life of my old unit when the battery was full changed) and the screen at 25% of Brightness. NHC is also reporting around 12 W of power consumption under these conditions of brightness and no heave use. If we have 1 hour and 20 mins at 67 % that gives us around 2 hours at 100%. But... These are just predictions. I will have to run some real tests to confirm these numbers later today.

I did not have time to check the C3 state but considering these numbers I can say that the C3 State issue still there. I did not check neither the BIOS version to see if this has been updated.

Conclusion: For now I'm happy... I got a full new unit. I got the plastic stand, a Recover DVD and a CD with all drivers. I received too a nice T-Shirt cortesy of TabletKiosk. I don't think for what I have seen so far that the results of my new serie of tests are going to be different from what has been reported by Steve at CarryPad.com. It seems to me that these are the same units from a same batch.