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Friday, June 23, 2006

Samsung Q1 Battery problems

According to some users at Origami Project Forum they are "having problems with Q1 batteries, also concerning enourmos loss of battery power over a short period of time."
what's happening is that if I'm using it on battery power and I shut down (not standby or hibernate mode) with maybe about 10 - 20% or about 1 hours battery power left. And I come back to it about 10 hours later (i.e. overnight) then it won't turn on. when I plug it into the mains and immediately boot it up it tells me that the battery life its only 2% and charging - One of the Q1 Owners said.

More comments like this one can be found here.
Yesterday I noticed that the battery of my Q1 is draining much faster than it used to. I didn't change the brightness, or the battery settings. I didn't even install any new software. - Said Hamtaro

It's weird just last night, I was playing a MSN game and listening to music on my Q1 with WIFI on, and brightness at 3. It was on a full charge. About an hour later I check the battery and it's at 59%. Sounds OK. I'm note sure how much time later, but I check again and it's at 22%. It looked like at this rate I would get about 2:10, which is what I usually get. All of a sudden no more then 5 minutes later, I get a low battery warning at 5%. 17% in 5 minutes? Weird. - mvenini11

The weird thing is that these two users tested again the batteries after these problems and they did not find any thing wrong in their tests. In other cases, users are reporting Wear Levels up to 11%, something that is not normal in a new battery.
Using my Q1 today and having to charge it another two times (oh how I am sooo wanting the extended battery) my wear jumped from the 3% up to 7%. - Tuatara

I got my Q1 two weeks ago. Wear level was 7% when first I checked yesterday. I did the bios reset thing and now wear level is 11%??? - Chrisb

My brand new battery stated a wear level of 3%. - Maverick

Seems to me that even the Giant Samsung is not escaping without problems from this first round in the Origamis Arena where the common issue has been Battery Life.