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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Give back to Ceasar what is Cesar’s

When Microsoft presented the first Origamis I saw the possibility of one of my dreams about to become real: a device lite enough that I could carry everywhere and using XP so I could work in Visual Studio.

I remember that the first time that I asked about using Visual Studio in one of this Origamis many people replied that these machines were not powerful enough to work with VS and that the screen resolution was going to be a big impediment.

Well, I have been working lately in a Game for Tablet PCs. Today when I came back from work I decided to work in my eo because I had to do some tests and I felt that would be better if I had those tests done in a real Origami. For those who said that VS wont work fast enough in an Origami and for those that have confused all my criticism and think that VIA processor is not powerful enough. I have been working for more than 3 hours in VS 2005. I have coded and I have added a few visual elements to some screens. But that's no all. I have been doing all that with SlingPlayer streaming video in the background and Outlook 2007 checking for email every minute. And I have not noticed any slowness that could made me think about turning on my laptop to proceed with my task there.

Give back to Ceasar what is Cesar’s


  1. Wow! What a motive for me to purchase one UMPC! In fact through these days I was disappointed a little bit by those negative reviews about Battery drain, Video playback issue, and "maybe true" performance gap between VIA and Intel CPU. Thanks a lot!

  2. My Q1 is amazing. I have upgraded it to 1Gb Ram and I run Office 2007 beta, IE7 beta, Outlook 2007 beta with music going. I can honestly say that it never stutters or slows down. It is always responsive, more so than my desktop TBH.

    I carry it around the house and browse the web etc. I was sat outside about 9pm the other night on the sun lounger browsing and listening to music in the dusk light and the future had surely arrived. Superb.

  3. Intel processor performs better, no question about it. And VIA processor was not configured at all in the eo, no question about it. But even in that way, it dos a good job. VS 2005 is a very heavy application, streaming video is not an easy one and Outlook is far for being a lite ore. And I had all those working at the same this without any problem. I'm sure that Q1 can handle the same but I just wanted to show that the co is wt a bad machine neither VIA is that bad. The really bad one is Amtek who did do a good job in this machine. VIA also should have worked more supervising everything and creating better drivers probably.

    the processor has potential. Now is a matter of these companies to unty its performance to maximum.

    12:58 PM, June 14, 2006

  4. Sorry Ctitanic, I was just meaning UMPC's in general Rock, whatever machine you have. Just trying to back you up.

    They are all just incredibly useful PC's once you give them a chance. I am on mine more than my desktop now!

  5. I have to confess the same. I have turned my laptop on in more than a week; I'm only using my eo!


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