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Monday, June 05, 2006

Digital LifeStyle reports about VIA incompatibilities

Digital LifeStyle has reported about the video incompatibilities reported by CarryPad last week supported by some of my tests. I just one to clarify one situation, from our later tests it seems to me that at least PowerDVD is using the hardware acceleration features of VIA chip set and probably WinDVD too. So, basically our first report is not fully accurate when we reported that these two programs were not using VIA decodification features. Like I said early today, I'll write more about our latest finding today but at this moment I can say that at least PowerDVD is decoding using VIA N800 chip and that if we see I high CPU load is due to another problem. The high CPU load made us think that these programs were not using the video chip but they do. There is another cause for this high CPU load.