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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Talking about Screen Protectors...

I was mentioning here the other day a screen protector that is sold on ebay for a few dollars. Well, JKOnTheRun has posted a very good review about this screen protector. Kevin does not like the screen protectors and I think that he is missing a point. I have been using Pocket PCs for a long time and they almost always end in ebay as soon as I need to get the latest device for my testings with Tweask2K2. The screen protector is always a point that has helped me to get a few dollars more for my devices. People like when they read that the screen looks like new because always has been used protected with a screen protector.

My eo eventually will end on ebay unless TabletKiosk implements some kind of trade in program, so I'll protect my screen in the hope to get a few dollars more when the time comes.


  1. I have a question for you. Most of my devices end up on Ebay as well, but don't you feel like you are renting or leasing them for a time? Are you really ever owning a device, if you know you will sell it when a new device comes out?

    I do the same thing, I just wanted to get your thoughts. I'm going to TRY to keep the Q1 when it's time to get a new device. Maybe lend it to my wife or sister.

  2. Yes, basically that's the way I think. I'm leasing a device. Once I learned to keep that in mind I never get in love with any of them because when you fall inlove it's very hard to sell it on ebay ;-)

    That's why when I talk about the eo I defend only the reason or points that I like in the device that made me buy it, but I do not have any problem in saying all the bad things that I have found on it.

    I only have kept one PPC that I gave to my daughter trying to introduce her to this world but that one ended unused hidden in a desk. That was total lost.

    Of course this system works for me in PPCs what have a price of around 400 dollars and I'm developing for them. So I really need to change PPCs often. In the case of UMPC the price is higher so I'll try to keep the eo until I get a very low price in the next UMPC or a very good deal selling the eo so my lost/lease do not go over the 200~300 dollars.

    In another hand... I still have not release any program for UMPCs yet. That's another point that I have to consider. If I do not develop for UMPCs then I'll keep the eo for a long time as companion PC. If I develop for UMPCs then I can justify to switch them more often.

  3. I'm not sure if the devices you are using are similar, but the sony U50 / U70 / U71 / U750 had a common problem not covered by warranty : the anti-glare film on the touch screen would flake off, the only way to really prevent this was by applying a good screen protector when you first start to use it... $10 - $20 screen protector v's $1000 ugly flaking film screen replacement... hard descision consider you can hardly see most screen protectors once applied....


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