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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Talking about Screen Protectors...

I was mentioning here the other day a screen protector that is sold on ebay for a few dollars. Well, JKOnTheRun has posted a very good review about this screen protector. Kevin does not like the screen protectors and I think that he is missing a point. I have been using Pocket PCs for a long time and they almost always end in ebay as soon as I need to get the latest device for my testings with Tweask2K2. The screen protector is always a point that has helped me to get a few dollars more for my devices. People like when they read that the screen looks like new because always has been used protected with a screen protector.

My eo eventually will end on ebay unless TabletKiosk implements some kind of trade in program, so I'll protect my screen in the hope to get a few dollars more when the time comes.