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Friday, August 03, 2007

Q1-U/V: Return to Sender!

 Today I found this post at Gottabemobile forum.

Today was decision day for me: I returned the Q1-U/V to Costco... I just wasn't ready to spend $1300 for a device I needed to hack and upgrade to make it work as well as an old Q1.  I'll miss that gorgeous screen a lot, but I won't miss the Vista circle prompt that I spent a good part of my time staring at while waiting for something to happen.

And I was surprised to see how many others joined the first post saying the same thing.

Guys, I have been warning people about the A110 being a slow processor since I read the first page with the specifications of it on it. But people do not listen. When they get in love with a device they just don't listen, don't read, don't analyze. Period.

The Q1U could have the best display in the world, the most efficient keyboard in the world but you have to face it and put in your other side of the scale that it also have a very slow processor. You can tweak it all you can like I did with my eo v7110. But you get up to a point where you discover yourself more time tweaking your machine than enjoying it. And that's  a really bad feeling.

If you are a IT professional a Q1U is a waste of time. IT Guys love performance, at least most of them. If you are not in this field and all you are looking for is for something a little bit faster than a PPC where you can run PC applications on it then go for a Q1U.

Or lets put it in a different way. Put in one side of your scale Battery Life and in the other side Performance. If you selected Battery Life then go for the Q1U. But then do not try to get performance, that's just not possible. What you are going to do? Go back to XP? I'm a IT guy and I'm using Vista in my Q1 and XP in my PC at work. Every time I click in the Start UP button of my PC at work I cry for Vista Search Field there. It's so easy to open any program you have installed by just typing the name of it in that field! Every time I use my eo v7110 with XP I cry to have the handwriting recognition I have in Vista, no counting the same issue with the Start Up menu.

Probably these things do not look that big of the issue but it's in our mentality to go forward. And having Vista and uninstalling it to install XP is like going backward. It's psychological. Just put two notebooks in a Store shelf, one with XP and one with Vista. People are going to buy more the one with Vista. Why? Because it's the latest OS.

And do not get me wrong. I'm not saying that the Q1U is a bad machine or that the A110 is a bad processor. All I'm saying is that the Q1U was designed looking for Battery Life, not for performance. And when users are thinking about to buy it they should be informed about this point. That will safe them a lot of time and aggravations.

Please, listen to me before you buy your next UMPC, what is more important to you, Performance or Battery Life? If you honestly answer this question you will be the happiest UMPC owner on Earth.

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