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Friday, August 31, 2007

Who is behind the i7210

There has been a very good discussion or conversation if you want to called in that way at TabletKiosk Forum all about the lack of Vista Drivers in the i72xx series. For a long time many owners of these devices and me assumed that the maker of this device was founder forgetting that in the earliest day of the Origami Project another company was mentioned behind this device: Elite Computer Systems (ECS). Yesterday, Martin Smekal, President & CEO of TabletKiosk clarified this point and why the i72xx had the Vista Capable sticker on it: 

Let me begin by thanking you for your participation and support of our new forums – with your feedback and that of your peers we can work to improve  current and future models, so please keep the discussion rolling.

Now to clarify a couple of misconceptions posted here. The eo i72XX series is not from Founder, it was a Intel Reference design manufactured by a company called Elite Computer Systems (ECS) – Founder is a ODM much like TabletKiosk, which was granted the distribution rights for this model from Intel.

This unit was awarded the “Vista Compatible” medallion by Microsoft, and unfortunately Microsoft’s requirements for the Vista operating system exceed their initial hardware target goals, once this O/S was formally released – causing the lack of formal Windows Vista support of this and similar devices by the ODM’s .

Aero, blame on Aero, that simple cosmetic feature, no needed, stupid, resource consuming, etc, etc, has caused more problems than all the bugs of the whole Vista. Just because the i7210 was not capable of running Aero the Vista Capable "medallion" was gone and the interest in supporting the series was gone with it. Add to that Intel not selling the Pentium M any more and you have the perfect formula for disaster.

Well, there has been a group of persons contacting Founder asking for Vista Support. Back in April 2007 we had some feedback from this company. Now we know that we were contacting the wrong guys. It's time to turn our guns to ECS. As far as I know there are two major issues in the i7210 series, the lack of support for the SD Reader and an issue when the device comes back from Hibernation. If anybody wants to give me more details, my forum is open.

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