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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

No Vista drivers for i7200 series

TabletKiosk has posted the bad news in its forum.  

I'm sorry to inform you that TabletKiosk has no formal plans to release drivers for the eo i7200 series to support Microsoft’s Windows Vista. 

While the eo i7200 series was certified by Microsoft as "VISTA Compliant", TabletKiosk never released this unit with this operating system nor were we able to secure the proper source code for either the O/S or chipsets required to complete these drivers to a level that we found to provide an acceptable computing experience.

Well, that confirms what I said back in this other post, Founder, the maker of these devices did not have any plans to release Vista Drivers for these devices. That's how businesses work in China, they change plans and they do not give you any explanation. Well, at least this is my personal opinion. Without Founder support there was nothing that could be done by TabletKiosk.

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