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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Screen Resolution versus Performance

When you do what I do,  evangelize, you have people that believes you and you have people who does not believe you. And that's ok with me. Today I wrote a note about a post of James' Kendrick where I said:

For example, the 945 Graphic Chipset is not really a lot better than the 915 and you have it running at 1024x600 while the old devices using the 915 were using 800x480. So what ever that chipset added in performance to the new generation is gone because of this higher resolution. So from the point of view of graphics both generations are almost at the same level.

The higher the resolution is the higher is the processing power needed by the graphic chipset. That's something mathematical. So, if you have two graphic chips, one better than another but the better one is running at a higher the resolution that the less powerful one, from the point of view of performance you may see both at the same level. So far, I do not see anything hard to understand on this.

Well apparently, somebody at Origami Project thinks that I'm wrong.

lastly... ctitanic,your argument about the graphic card.....priceless!!

you won a gallifante!

sigue asi campeoon :)

Before I continue, let me translate the last two sentences. A "Gallifante"  was a little doll created by Miquel Obiols and it was the main prize of a Spanish Television program for kids in the 80s. The last sentence translate: "keep going champion."

Well, to my Spanish friend, here are 3 tests I ran at different resolutions in the same machine:

Test 1 at 800x480


At 800x600


At 1024x600


As it can be seen from these tests, the resolution does not affect how the CPU works but it does affect the video chipset performance.

Like I said to my Spanish "friend'':

Sigue así campeón! Cuesta abajo y sin frenos!

Translation: keep going champion! keep going down of the hill and without breaks! Tongue out

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