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Monday, August 13, 2007

Why I switched from PPC to UMPC

 parekh-20070812-zoomvncI still working in Pocket PC applications and as part of that I read a lot of news about that platform. Today I found about this tool.

"zoomVNC is a cutting edge VNC (Virtual Network Computing) client for PocketPCs, allowing you to access machines remotely while out on the road or simply away from your desk. Featuring modern protocol support, macros and zoom, you can control any type of system remotely, using on-screen keys to support macros, key combinations or unusual modifier keys, zooming in from whole screen to 400%, and hardware keyboard support."

This application is probably a great tool but check the above screen shot. Do you see how little space is left in the screen to work with this PPC version of VNC viewer? One of the tools I use often in my UMPC is the VNC Viewer and I love how it works on it. Even at 800x480 still enjoyable.

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