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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Optimizing Vista: Get rid of those unused features

CaptureHere is a tip that really speeded up my Q1 with Vista Business, I ran CrystalMark before and after this tip and the score went up for around 600 points. But that's not all, I feel that now applications open a lot faster.

Here is what I did:

Vista ships with other features that are listed separately in the operating system from the startup services.

You can view and disable these features following these instructions:

  • Clicking Start, Control Panel and Select Program Features
  • On the left panel, select Turn Windows Features on or off
  • You can safely deselect:
    • Indexing Service (I had this one disabled from a previous optimization)
    • Remote Differential Compression - Remote Differential Compression (RDC) allows applications to synchronize data between two computers in an efficient manner. The synchronization efficiency is made possible by using compression techniques to minimize the amount of data sent across the network. After all your UMPC is not part of a network the whole time and believe me, when it's connected to your network probably you wont notice any difference from not using this service. At least I did not notice any in my tests after applying this tip.
    • Windows DFS Replication Service -According to Microsoft "The DFS Replication Service (DFSR) Management Pack for MOM monitors the DFS Replication service running on Windows Server 2003 R2 DFS Folder targets. This management pack monitors the events collected from the service that indicate the health of the service, replicated volumes, replication groups, and replicated folders. It also has consolidation rules that monitor frequent occurrences of certain conditions such as sharing violation, conflicts generated etc." Again, Your UMPC is most of the time not connected to a network so you can live without this feature.
    • Windows Fax & Scan (unless you use a modem for faxing and I'm almost 100% sure that a modem is the last thing that you are going to have connected to your UMPC)
    • Windows Meeting Space (unless you use the Live Meeting Service)

These are the kind of tips that most of us are waiting from Origami team but they have virtually disappeared. Sad Looking at these services you can see that Vista is not configured at all for being used in a UMPC and who knows better Vista than Microsoft? Origami Experience is Ok but many current owners will appreciate more a program or guide optimizing Vista for UMPCs than a new version of OX. That's mine opinion.

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