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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Samsung Q1U is compared to an iPhone

The Olympian Online newspaper has published a review of the Samsung Q1U.  

THE BOTTOM LINE: Despite making improvements to its UMPC, Samsung still has work to do. The underpowered Q1 Ultra is best used for on-the-go Web surfing, but there are better and cheaper devices for that specific task, including that new device from Apple you may have read about recently.

My guess is that the "the new device from Apple" is the iPhone. I know that I have been saying multiple times that the processor used in the Q1U is "slower" but it's just 10% than a Q1 Celeron running on Vista if you install XP on it and you optimize it. To say that the Q1U is just good enough for web browsing and compare it to an iPhone only tells me that the author did not do his homework. The Q1U could be slow but not enough to not be considered a PC. As in any PC you can install what ever program you like and you will get from the Q1U a acceptable performance to run 90 of all the applications in the market. But... as far as I know... You can't do that with an iPhone. All you can do with a iPhone is playing music, list pictures, use it as a phone and "browse" the web at the same speed or worse than in an old 56kb modem. Can you edit or change in anyway pictures saved in your iPhone. No, you can't. Can you rip a Music CD to your iPhone without using a PC? No, you can't. Can you even listen music in your iPhone without a PC? No, you can't. You need a PC to activate the iPhone before you start using it. Well, the Q1U can do all that and without the help of any other PC. So, no, the Q1U is not an iPhone, it's a UMPC and UMPC are meant to be companion PCs so for a large group of consumers the Q1U is powerful enough to handle all their needs. There are another group of geeks like me that need more performance but even this group is aware that you wont see the same level of performance in a UMPC like you have in your Desktop PC. The technology is not at that level of efficiency yet.

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