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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

jkkmobile: Kohjinsha SH6 video review

Our friend JKK has posted a very detailed video review about the Kohjinsha SH6.

What I have to say about this review. Well, I'm very impressed with the abilities of JKK to optimize Vista. I remember a conversation where I said that I have around 70 processes running in my Task Manager and JKK replied back that he has around 40 and that he could not use a machine with 70 processes running at the same time (JKK, please,correct my numbers if I'm wrong). Well, I could say the same thing, I have 70 processes because I need them and I can't function without them. And I say this because there is where I see the problem. How slow will become Vista on that machine when you have 70 processes or 60 processes running at the same time?

PS. Could you send me the Fritz Chess Benchmark result screen shot? I want to update my table with that processor and without any doubt your score will be the higher that I could probable get from that processor. Thanks in Advance.

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