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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Hugo reviews the Fujitsu U1010

2007-06-29_141318_HugoCari(1)Yesterday he brought us the HTC Shift, today he is bringing us a nice review about another machine that many people are waiting for because of it's proven design: The Fujitsu U1010

The Fujitsu U1010 is a special machine. I blogged about it being a real kiddie pleaser and with mixed emotions I can report that I still feel the same. It is so small, so cute, and so overwhelmingly concise that it makes other UMPC almost seem featureless. The screen converts, the keyboard types (albeit better with thumbs) and the screen really does favor the pen input!

The Second Generation is represented so far by 3 machines: the Q1U, the HTC Shift and the Fujitsu U1010 (I consider the OQO a mini Tablet PC). Which one do you prefer?

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