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Friday, August 03, 2007

Fujitsu U1010 vs OQO 02

 DSC00072Hugo is preparing a review of his latest acquisition the Fujitsu U1010 according to his last post at Gottabemobile.com

My latest is the Fujitsu U1010 Ultra-Mobile PC and it is absolutely tiny! When the Fujitsu Guy popped round one afternoon to leave it with me I actually wasn't home; we ended up conversing and agreeing that he would leave it discreetly sitting on a stone bench out the back. When I eventually came home the first thing I did was run to the backyard and grab the device. As I turned the last corner I couldn't help but pause and laugh to myself - I could not believe that was a PC!

I really like to read or view this review because Hugo has been telling us lately that the OQO 02 is the perfect machine so this coming review will be a battle between the more efficient (at least to me) design of the Fujitsu U1010 versus the OQO 02. And no only design, I love to see what Hugo tells us about the performance of this device running on a A110 vs the VIA processor on the OQO 02.

To be Continue...

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